Why my wardrobe is not fit for
a pandemic crisis. Who knew?

Liza Boutet

Account Manager

Week 2 of WFH, so far so good and still positive. This weekend gave me the opportunity to reflect back about that first week of isolation and I mentioned to my husband that most days felt like they were merging into one.

I wondered how that could be possible since I made sure I did something different every day. It took him 20 seconds to notice that the constant in my 1st week of isolation were my only pair of grey jogging bottoms.

It’s times like these when I really wish I hadn’t “Marie Kondo-ed” my wardrobe as so many items which didn’t bring me joy back in November 2019 but would have brought so much joy right now (RIP comfortable hoodie I wore throughout university).

So here are some thoughts and hacks about how to adapt your wardrobe for a pandemic crisis.

1. Fast wash cycle is your friend: I discovered the fast wash and dry cycle on my washing machine this week so my beloved pair of grey jogging bottoms could dry overnight, ready for battle the next day.

2. Soften that wardrobe: My wardrobe is made up of too many “hards”; hard jeans material, hard and scratchy wool jumpers and too many hard wire bras. Now is the time to look for alternatives and invest wisely into sustainable or recycled cotton and cashmere options.

3. Invest in that 2nd pair of slippers NOW: I now want to write love letters to my slippers. I have used them so much these last few weeks that they are already starting to fall apart. Place that amazon order now!

4. Scandi all the way: Do I still deserve my French heritage with my total absence of style recently? I might still be able to by adopting the Scandinavian cool style instead. Bat (too soon?) sleeves tops or boxy cut outfits would typically give a looser fit and therefore comfort. Time to find those treasures on Depop or Ebay. #makeitstyle

5. Accessorise your WFH outfit and here are a few suggestions:

A) A 2-neutral tones mug you would only find in a hipster coffee shop.

B) Semi greasy hair to give the impression you’ve done a Barre class this morning when in reality you’ve run out of dry shampoo and can’t be bothered to stay in the Boots virtual queue.

C) Grab your nearest cat if you find there’s a question you can’t answer during a conference call.

How would you define the new WFH dress code? Do you have any other hacks to share?

In the meantime I ought to dig on Depop for another pair of jogging bottoms in vegan leather and all will be in order again.

It’s times like these when I really wish I hadn’t “Marie Kondo-ed” my wardrobe.

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