Top 5 Retail Material Trends for 2022

After a recent visit to the Surface Design Show to see the latest in material trends and innovations. These are our predictions for the year ahead.


Biophilic Walls

Less a material and more a surface finish, biophilic design refers to the use of natural elements to increase wellbeing and a connection to the natural environment. Think green walls and cork floors.

Tambour Surfaces

Most commonly seen with the application of wooden tambour panels. Slatted textures are becoming more and more popular with all materials including, (fluted) glass and engraved composites to create lines and patterns.

100% Recycled Content

With designers looking to easily incorporate sustainable design principles into their work, swapping non-recycled for recycled materials is one of the easiest options available. Our favourites are The Good Plastic Company, Durat and Greencast Acrylic.

Carbon Neutral/Negative

As we look to move into a net-zero future, the use of carbon-neutral and even negative materials will become more prevalent. These are usually made from bio-based ingredients and can be seen in Biohm’s mycelium-based flooring and even carbon-negative carpets by Interface.

Natural Paints

A material that is often overlooked. Paint can often make up a large part of material sourcing for any project. As people become more conscious of where things come from, expect to see a rise in ‘eco’ paint. We like to go for water-based, Low VOC and EU Ecolabel whenever possible.


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