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Harry Bridges

Design Intern

Boredom is not a man’s best friend, unlike your dog – which you may be trying to get a moments rest from as you’re pursued around the house, having given the poor pooch its last can of pedigree (other retailers available).

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Anyway, back to boredom, we’re sure you’re all bored of one certain microbe which is currently on a world tour, breezing through the great pyramids of Giza, scaling the heights of Mount Everest and lounging by the pool of the Taj Mahal.

Whilst Covid-19 is gallivanting around the globe on its free expedition, and our lives have become confined to 4 walls, you may be concerned at how you are going to keep this beast of boredom at bay. Well, fear no more, as we attempt to be that beam of light peaking through your window, revealing the latest purchases from the retail world and how they may be able to help you.

As the world economy tumbles around us like Jenga bricks the sale of board games has experienced a spike, with one retailer seeing the sale of the board game Pandemic quadruple with in the last few days alone. Personally we wouldn’t have brought the pandemic into the house on purpose, we would’ve gone for some more light hearted family fun, along the lines of, Trivial pursuit, Cluedo, or maybe revive the Twister matt from the cupboard to give your body a much-needed stretch.

Now, whilst its important to not mentally stagnate in this stagnant time we’re in, above all it’s most important to stay hygienic. The current world tour of Covid-19 has generated a global germ-free panic state, with hand sanitizer flying off the shelves as if it were the latest Apple product – along with the rise of the loo role wars turning the 2ply gentle soft touch tissue role into the proverbial gold dust. We must remember to look out for each other amidst this chaos and not buy more than we need, making sure everyone gets their fair share. Some have decided to skip the soft touch middle man altogether as one company has experienced a 300% increase in Bidet sales.

We’re told we must keep ourselves active, even though the world is slowing down around us – keeping our immune system in check and our minds healthy. As the gyms have now closed their doors for the time being and the 5 a side final whistle has blown for the foreseeable future, we must learn to adapt to our surroundings. Many keen cyclists have taken to purchasing a Turbo Trainer, whose sales have increased 977%, allowing people to keep clocking the miles on from their own home.

Some of you may find yourselves stranded from your better half, which may lead to some of your needs being unmet. We aren’t talking about the needs of hand sanitizer or a fresh loo roll, were talking about… the other kind. Without that extra helping hand near by some have turned onto a more mechanically assisted approach as there has been a 13% surge in sex toy purchases in the UK, a 71% rise in Italy and increases of 135% in Canada.

From all of us at Double, we hope that you and your families stay healthy and that anyone affected by this crisis fully recovers. This is a time when we need to look out for each other, talk to one another, sit down and bond with the people around us, be there for each other – and remember to wash your hands.

One company has experienced a 300% increase in Bidet sales.

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