10 Years balloons by Max McClure

Reflecting on 10
years of Double

Dave Corke

Project Manager

Why become involved in a business? A question you may ask, or you may not.

Double is a network and a family, and family is everything.

Sometimes it just feels right.

Sometimes you just need the money.

Sometimes money is not the reason, sure, it helps.

Sometimes it just feels right.

That time for me was 10 years ago, running my own little empire, happy as Larry, unaware that from the outer limits of retail a new force was emerging and one that would change my life.

In life we can choose friends, we can choose colleges, we can choose where to live.

But when old friends or old colleges find you and make contact, what do you do choose to do? Press the busy button?, put up the “sorry now closed” sign? Depends on who those old contact or friends are.

In my case I chose to answer that call and it led me to today. At first it was contracting, helping out.

Getting shit done basically, Taking a ferry to Ireland or a plane to Germany, driven by the need to help, but for one reason, to see success where that success is due.

We’ve all been through the corporate mincing machine at some point, seen the greed and the “it’s only numbers on a page” approach to client and customer relationships.

I’ve found over the years at Double that this is the complete opposite, which is why people stay, customers stay, and I’ve stayed.

To stand the test of time (as they say), to last or remain popular for a long time, this is why I’m here.  Being part of those people that build the trust and look after each other, do the hard stuff not just the fluffy stuff.

Retail is hard, and is really hard right now, so I continue to do my bit, make and maintain long term connections, contacts that can deliver what we need to bring the “wow”, from an empty box to creating a window out to the world.

From giant flip flop beach showers, flip flop cakes or even flip flop waves.

World class flagship stores in London to mountain top outlets, Parisian nights to a winters dawn across Dublin, this is why we are here, making- creating -delivering the ta-da!

The last 5 years have seen Double move also into the turnkey side of retail but that is only possible with the trades and the craftsmen and woman in those trades,

People we trust and need like I was trusted and needed, and still am.

Double is a network and a family, and family is everything.

Though it’s very true that you can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends, it just so happens that in my case these are both the same.

Can I have some more?

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