icebreaker, Shop-In-Shop, European Rollout.

Having successfully worked alongside icebreaker for many years, developing a more sustainable approach to retail design, it was an exciting opportunity when Double were asked to progress our shop-in-shop design into a more cost-effective, adaptable and sustainable evolution.

New sites across London, Italy and Germany, were put forward. Double spent time building on our in-depth knowledge of the brand to design and develop a uniquely flexible solution that would work efficiently across multiple sites.

UK, Italy, Germany
100-500 sq ft
Design, Build, Installation & Project Management
Design, develop and deliver a revised shop in shop system considering sustainable design principles and offering excellent value.
Use an adaptable modular wall design alongside a smart array of flexible floor fixtures. Reduce material use wherever possible and keep production processes simple.

Photography courtesy of Jonas Skorpil

The evolution or ‘Evo’ concept aligns with icebreakers ‘move to natural’ campaign, using natural FSC certified ash hardwood wherever possible. This extensive use of wood is complemented with additional panelling and structural components in concrete veneers and powder-coated steel frames. Alongside considered material use, a conscious decision was made to ‘design waste out’, ‘reduce energy-intensive processes’ and ‘keep materials separable’, helping the design align with some of our sustainable design principles.

After an initial prototype review stage, the design was revised and ready for production. With the exception of the main signage, the completely freestanding system enables quick and efficient installation, resulting in less time spent on-site and reduced associated costs.

Having analysed the installations using our industry-leading sustainability reports, we concluded that the projects averaged a 100% material recyclability rating, with 34% being easily recycled through established recycling streams and 66% requiring specialist recycling facilities available throughout the EU. They also averaged less than 1.75 tonnes of carbon emissions (Scope 1,2&3) per installation.

Analysing our projects in this way gives us a fantastic insight into what we can improve moving forward as we strive for a future of more responsible retail.

We have managed multiple site surveys, store plans, and fixture production within the UK and Europe. The shop-in-shops have been a great success helping to sustain sales and build better customer engagement and loyalty.

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