Havaianas, Full Service Retail Design, EMEA.
Havaianas Shop Design

Our collaboration with Havaianas, the quintessential Brazilian rubber flip flop brand, is over a decade long. We work closely with a wide client team across retail and wholesale projects, including shop-in-shop design, pop-up retail spaces, and point-of-sale design.  Over this long relationship, we have become relied on for our deep knowledge and understanding of the Havaianas brand across ever-changing client teams.

Havaianas, like many brands, reaches peak season through a short spring and summer season. This brings the need to collaborate on creative ideas that are easy to place and also re-use for the time-limited opportunities to sell their products.

Europe, Middle East, Africa
Design, Build & Installation, Project Management
Creative solutions delivered for spontaneous opportunities.
Design, development and installation for a wide range of projects including store-in-stores, pop-up shops, trade shows, wholesale fixtures and point-of-sale items.

Photography courtesy of Max McClure

Havaianas Pop up Shop Design Bristol
Havaianas Shop Fittings

As a full-service partner to the retail team we have designed and fully managed the construction and installation of own stores, shop-in-shops, seasonal pop ups, kiosks, trade fairs and helped craft global marketing campaigns into scalable window and instore display designs.

They have proven to be an extremely professional business and such is the reason why they have become a key partner

Cecilia Corsini
Head of EMEA distributors, Havaianas.

Havaianas Brand Promo
Havaianas Store Layout Inside

In 2017 we completely reimagined the design of Havaianas seasonal branded fixtures programmes for the wholesale team. We have been supporting Havaianas design and project manage their wholes fixtures since 2011, this new system has achieved huge improvements in material sustainability through better design, faster production lead-times and lower distribution costs.

Havaianas Retail Store Design

We are a trusted partner that always designs to budget and can get even the most time and location challenged projects delivered on time.

Havaianas Shop Fittings design