EC One, B Corp Independent Jeweller, Clerkenwell, London.
Jewellery Store, London

In the hustle and bustle of Exmouth Market, you will find the family-owned B Corp Certified jewellery shop EC One, a unique space that bridges the gap between high street retail and gallery experience. Ethically sourced gems and in-house goldsmiths make this a special destination for every celebration.

We were briefed to re-design both the retail and consultation areas of the jewellers and further bring to life the ethos and beliefs of the owners, Jos and Alison. The overall aim was to develop the areas into spaces where customers would feel welcome buying either a small birthday gift, or the once-in-a-lifetime purchase of an engagement ring.

850 sq ft
Creative Concept, Design, Design Engineering, Build, Installation & Project Management
Design an ethical jewellery retail and consultancy space to bring to life EC One’s passion for diamonds and sustainability

Photography courtesy of Lesley Lau.

The partnership with EC One began with a mutual understanding of what the end goal for the project was, to give a physical realisation of what it meant to be a B Corp jeweller.

Double was pleased to undertake this project from the initial creative concept, through multiple design workshops, client consultations and ending with the full installation and fit-out of the space. We were able to deliver a project to EC One that was personal but professional, resulting in a stress-free process for our client.

Throughout the project, a strong emphasis was placed on using long-lasting, sustainable material choices and ensuring sustainable design principles were adhered to every step of the way.

Lime paint – made from ingredients such as clay, minerals and natural pigments, lime paint is unlike conventional paint made from plastics. Lime paint is naturally fume-free, with wash-up and disposal being safe and non-polluting. No toxic chemicals are put into the environment in the production of the paint, and it is produced in a 100% green-powered factory.

Solid/Veneered Oak on Spruce Plywood (finish – water-based lacquer) – FSC-certified lightweight Nordic spruce has been used to form the cabinetry framework, finished with FSC-certified European oak veneer and solid wood detailing. Ensuring all timber is sourced sustainably, FSC-certified timber comes from forests managed to internationally agreed to principles and criteria

Solid Brass (finish – beeswax) – Brass is one of the most recycled metals in the world, mainly because producing new brass is significantly more expensive than recycling old brass. It is also more energy efficient to produce than steel and aluminium and can be recycled many times over without diminishing its composition. We finish it with beeswax, preventing the brass from patinating quickly.

Forbo Furniture Linoleum – Furniture linoleum is made using 100% renewable electricity and with 97% natural raw materials, 72% rapidly renewable materials, i.e., can be harvested within ten years. It has a recycled content of 27.5% and can be fully recycled or composted at the end of life. Its surface finish also means Furniture Linoleum is naturally antistatic, ensuring the material remains unblemished, hygienic and clean.

Production Overview – For this project, all bespoke fixtures and furniture were manufactured locally to us (Double Retail) in Bristol. This helps us keep an eye on production and reduce the inter-factory transportation required during the production phase. Items were delivered to the site over two staggered deliveries (Van <3.5ton 0.25654kg CO2e per km) to help with installation logistics and resulting in lower emissions than a single large delivery (HGV >3.5tons 0.80746kg CO2e per km)

The shop and consultation space are looking really great – it is so much better than we could have planned or imaged without you all!

Alison Skeates
Owner, EC One

Jewellery Store, London

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