Dickies, Concept Store, Carnaby Street, London.

When approached by Dickies to realise their first store in Europe, we jumped at the chance to work alongside this iconic workwear brand. With a space secured on the world-famous Carnaby Street, we helped develop Dickies initial vision into a fully functioning retail space.

Working with rolled steel tubing, perforated metal sheeting and heavy lifting chains, Double helped to ensure that the industrial culture of Dickies ran through every design detail.

Carnaby St, London
1,200 sq ft
Design Engineering, Build, Installation & Project Management
Take concept design to full realisation. We worked with the Dickies brand team to realise their first European stand-alone store.
Develop, manufacture, and install in the iconic Carnaby Street, London.

Photography courtesy of Tom D Morgan

Fixtures and furniture were drawn up, including clothes rails held on hooks, steel tool chest storage boxes, and floor-to-ceiling mirrors. A perforated steel room partition was designed to connect the basement to the ground floor, forming the balustrade that runs around the stairwell.

A substantial custom-made Dickies sign was handmade by forming brass, copper and steel to create a focal point above the stairs as you enter the space.

Double ensured everything was finished to our high standards and delivered efficiently in a staggered installation program. This helped guarantee a smooth and straightforward installation on site.

As with all our projects, everything was designed to be fully broken down into parts to allow for ease of repair, replacement and end-of-life recyclability.

The store will present new seasonal collections inspired by the brand’s roots and Dickies Icons, including 874 work pants and Eisenhower jackets⁠.

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