Canada Goose, Flagship Store Retail Design, London.
Canada Goose Flagship Store Design London

Canada Goose, one of the world leaders in luxury outdoor apparel, opened its first flagship stores, Toronto and New York, in 2016 having seen substantial growth in the years previous. Following the success of these stores and locations, the brand chose to open its first European flagship in London with Double selected to produce the store fixturing and fitout.

London’s Canada Goose flagship answered the brand’s need for extremely high product demand, despite already being stocked in the capital’s three largest department stores, whilst the design aimed to weave together Canada Goose’s arctic heritage with modern innovation.

5,000 sq ft
Design, Build & Installation, Project Management
Deliver the fixturing and fit-out of a US design to the store’s central London location.
Reinterpret the material palette into European sourced items, translate the imperial based design for European manufacture and ship specific Canadian sourced items transatlantic.

Photography courtesy of Max McClure

Canada Goose Retail Store Design
Canada Goose Retail Store Design

Our challenge was unique to previous full store fit-outs; The US-specific material pallet had to be translated into European solutions – requiring in depth research and sourcing to faithfully represent the original design. Whilst the initial design drawings had to be reverse engineered from US-imperial into a full (metric) production pack ready for European manufacturing methods and requirements.

Double have been so great to work with and we appreciate everything they do.

Allison Romano, Manager – Brand Experience, Canada Goose

Canada Goose Retail Store Design
Canada Goose Retail Shop Design

Key items that required original Canadian materials had to be shipped transatlantic for delivery to store, needing our full knowledge of international logistics. At the same time the store design needed to blend into historic European architecture, differing wildly from the squared-off modern interiors typically found in US retail.

Canada Goose Retail Flagship Store London

In partnership with architects based in New York, Double were able to coordinate every fixture build, taking away any logistical headaches thanks to our experience in international shipping and designing for manufacture. Details such as the carpets, wood and marble are all Canadian sourced, and through this and our ability to faithfully re-source the initial material palette, Double were able to help the original store concept come to life.

Canada Goose Flagship Store London
Canada Goose Flagship Store London Exterior

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