Musings on the subject of ‘time’.

Dave Corke

Project Manager

We’ve all been there – Sat in those meetings, agreeing to this and to that, and then later when you sit back down at your desk you suddenly realise that time, the master of mischief and mayhem, has struck again. Destroyer of dreams, controller of our lives – once again you’ve signed up to deliver a 6-8 week project

Time has a value to it, so spend it wisely!

To whoever said life is short … No, it’s not. It’s the longest timeline ever, and one you agreed to without ever knowing all the facts …… Sound familiar?

Let’s take you on a journey into time … Retail time. Let’s start with that dreaded timeline. Such a simple word “time”, and the even simpler notion of never having enough of it (whatever it is). If you consider that most of the time you have about eight weeks to deliver a project to a retail store. But just how long do you really have? Work back from the day of delivery – one day or night to install, one-two days to transport, one week for the store to agree then change location and agree again where you are to be placed, one week for artwork or digital content, six weeks to manufacture and create the vision you have imagined, two weeks to design and develop your fixtures and equipment, one week to get the monies in place (phew!), take away all the weekends in between (that’s another 16 days) and, oh dear, its happened again,

8 Weeks you say – “phaa easy! loads of time”, but actually you need eighty one days or twelve weeks! Now clearly some items can run side by side, but only when closely controlled. For example, do you ever feel like time is out of your hands? You made the wrong choice? No time left to make a change?

We have found in retail (and in previous lives), that time seems to be plenty in your eyes and mind, but often when seen from another person’s point of view it can vanish so very quickly. And as this is a piece about time, it’s about time I got on with it. Allow me to indulge you in a few key things both sides need to know when agreeing on how long, or how much, time you can take.

Time is money – this is the key thing to remember when controlling or influencing others around you. Imagine your time as having a cash value to it. So in the eighty-one days available on your project (that costs say £80k, roughly) that gives you £987 a day. But think about it in seconds. Over 81 days, you have 6.6 million seconds to spend (or 86,400 seconds a day), and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Time has a value to it, so spend it wisely! But I haven’t stopped there – Don’t forget about spending time on your materials, transports or fancy items, i:e Peruvian Ferret fur curtains only made in Machu Picchu by monks that only work on a Tuesday! Forget it. Keep ambitions real. Maybe you don’t have the time for that fancy stuff, it’s like in sci-fi when capt’n Kirk launches into light speed and spends light-years not seconds – his timeline has no budget. Scottie cannay give it anymore because its not real!

What is real is choosing who can help you to control time. No magic blue police boxes (or 29thcentury tech) to go where you can’t bodily go, but people that have been there before and have the knowledge and experience to help you travel through the time ahead and arrive in the future when and where you need to be. A retail partner that knows the direct dial for those monks and maybe can tie it in with a job they’ve got around the corner. People who know about shops and factories and printers and trucks and all those mundane things you haven’t got the time for. We are those people.

One last thing about time travel – it is real.  You’re doing it right now, Having just spent 144 seconds reading this you really do need to get on with it and call Bob or Barbara now about those pesky curtains!

Oh and by the way, last minute design change, so you also need ferret fur cushions now.

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