Making changes to make a difference.

We want to do all we can to reduce the environmental impact of our office consumables, understanding that even the smallest adjustments can build up to create a profound effect.

So far we have;

  • Switched paper towels to 100% recycled.
  • Swapped coffee pods for ethically sourced beans from a local supplier.
  • Replaced all tea with Fairtrade brands.
  • Moved from regular to organic locally sourced milk.
  • Reduced overall paper use by changing printer settings and adopting new financial tracking software.
  • Ensured all paper is 100% recovered fibre and FSC accredited.
  • Swapped cleaning products out for ecologically sound alternatives.

Environmental goals that are in sight.

We have no intention of resting on our laurels. There’s plenty of scope for improvement and we’ve been identifying our short term goals to continue our movement to a more sustainable workplace.

We will be conscientious about the waste produced by our office operations, recycling/donating any furniture or electronics that are no longer required. All printer toner cartridges, plastic bags, film, polystyrene, plastics, card, metals and food waste will be recycled appropriately.

Energy Consumption.
We will continue to review our office energy consumption with a view to making reductions where possible. We see opportunity to; switch to LED lighting where possible, insulate and heat/cool our space efficiently, use a ‘clean’ energy provider, and set up standard power management across all PC’s, servers and other appliances.

We will encourage green commuting practices for all our employees through initiatives and incentives, tracking the carbon generated by our work-related travel activities and researching practices to offset.

We will encourage and work with our supply chain to implement sustainable policies into their businesses. We are working toward creating an onboarding process for current and future suppliers and partners and are aiming to have this published and moving into practice by 2019.

We will review and rate projects not just on economic success but also environmental and social success.

Looking ahead to where sustainability can take us.

We have longer term goals and aspirations that we are currently researching and assesing. Our aim is to bring these targets towards us as manageable tasks over the next year.

Moving our finances to a sustainable banking provider.

Producing regular updates and articles about our sustainability efforts with our clients, suppliers and our wider community.

Exploring social sustainability within our company.