About us.

Double was started in 2009 to encourage employees to build better relationships with clients, suppliers, and ultimately, each other.

Double exists solely from the collective effort, expertise, and commitment of its employees. Our reason for starting in 2009 was to allow employees to flourish through building better relationships with everybody that we work with. A seemingly simple goal but very complex to achieve in a traditional business model.

Working with a self-managing principle, our team have the power to positively move and evolve the business together.

By recognising that our strength and future sustainability only comes from ‘us’, we have chosen a self-managing principle for Double. As individuals we have the power to shape and evolve the business together. Everybody’s voice can be heard, and we all have influence and permission to effect change with group consensus.

Through our design and working processes, we aim to shift the way in which brands, retailers and suppliers perceive the impact of their actions on the environment.

Retail design and build can be enormously wasteful. The burden on the environment through the extraction and use of materials, manufacturing processes and throw-away culture needs to be improved. Through our design and operational process, we aim to widen the lens through which brands, retailers and suppliers to the industry perceive the impact of the retail design and build process.

Our ultimate goal is to change our industry to one that chooses a circular design path for all it’s retail design and build projects.

Our goal is to change an industry that blindly designs, uses and wastes resources, and operates with wilful ignorance, to one that understands and chooses a circular design path for all it’s retail design and build projects. Shaping the future of retail to one where each and every newly built environment has a purpose at its core, where impact is lowered (or regenerative), and its very existence must create benefit beyond financial profit alone.


Alex Forsyth

Creative Director

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Calum Wilson

Design Lead

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Carlo Scrocca

Design Engineer

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Cliona Cullen

Project Manager

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Dave Corke

Project Manager

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Diana House

Production Manager

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Ellie Stopher

Project Manager

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Georgia Williams

Project & Operations Manager

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John Caswell

Design Engineer & Sustainability Champion

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Laura Templeton-Cox

Finance Director

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Liza Boutet

Account Manager

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Matt Tipping


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Polly Grinnell

Managing Director

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Rachael Butler


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